Q: What is a ketogenic diet?

A: A ketogenic diet is essentially a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that puts one’s body into ketosis in order for them to sustain energy by burning fat for fuel.

Q: What does ‘keto’ mean?

A: Keto is a short-term way to say ketogenic. Whenever someone labels something as ‘keto,’ they are referring that item or topic to be ketogenic. For example, when I say “go check out my Keto Chicken Tenders recipe,” I am implying that this recipe is ketogenic in nature, as it incorporates low carbohydrates and high fats in its nutrition.

Q: Why are you on a ketogenic diet?

A: Great question! Everyone has their own ‘a-ha!’ moment, or testimonials as to why they eat this way. Check out mine here.


Q: What does BPC stand for?

A: Bullet-proof coffee, a common way that keto dieters prepare their coffee drink in order to digest more fats. For example, someone may blend butter and cream into their coffee to make it a BPC.

Q: What does NSV mean?

A: Non-scale victory. A lot of times keto dieters will notice non-scale successes in weight loss rather than seeing the numbers go down. For example, clothes fitting looser, belts needing to be notched on the tighter hole, airline seatbelts fitting better. NSV’s can come in handy for those who may be slow to lose pounds on the scale, as it can help them stay motivated and realize their bodies ARE indeed changing.

Q: What does IF stand for?

A: IF stands for intermittent fasting. This is the act of fasting for a distinctive part of the day, then eating during an allotted time.