My Ketogenic Diet Success Story – How I Lost 45 Pounds Eating Bacon

How to lose 45 pounds on keto

Gaining weight wasn’t something I was horribly worried about until living on my own during the college years. The idea of a ketogenic diet was years off from my mind at that point as I cooked and ate whatever sounded good at the moment with no second thoughts. It wasn’t until I left for college and ate all of the easy-to-cook pre-packaged meals and pulled all-nighters weekly that the weight started to creep. Don’t even get me started on how it packed on when I discovered bars after turning 21. A refreshing moscow mule sounds fine and dandy until the sugar and calories do their work on your waistline!

I talk more about my breaking points before deciding to go Keto in this blog post, as well as a timeline to my weight loss in my About Me section. But, I realized recently that I never explained to people:

Why a Ketogenic Diet?

I’ve tried nearly every popular diet there is to no avail. Take a look at this picture below. The picture on the far left is near my heaviest weight in 2015. Moving along a good few months, the middle picture was a progress picture after 4 strict months of working out 3x a week with a personal trainer and sticking heavily to a high-protein, moderate carb, and low-fat diet focused on counting calories. This kind of diet left me feeling ALWAYS hungry, constantly tired, and I loathed going to the gym, but forced myself due to paying over $300 a month for someone to tell me what workout to do.

losing weight while eating delicious food on a ketogenic diet

After researching diets recommended for women with PCOS, I landed on a Ketogenic diet: eating foods that were high in fat and low in carbohydrates. Standing at 5’2″ and being pronounced pre-diabetic at my Keto starting weight of 168, I decided it was time to give anything a try.

How does Keto possibly work?

It sounds crazy. How can one lose weight while eating cheese and bacon? Trust me, I was a skeptic myself. I read tons and tons of research and testimonies before taking the dive. I knew that I would get shock and scoffs from those who didn’t understand, but the idea of nourishing my body with fat to keep it satiated rather than consuming empty carbs for temporary “fullness” just made sense to me. Part of me was a bit scared to make this change based on what I had been taught about fat, but the other part of me figured that if it didn’t work after a couple months, I would switch to something else and start over. So, with much hesitation, I threw out my bread, potatoes, and rice, and stocked up on cooking oils and cheese.

You see, many of the yummy carbs we eat but know are bad for us give us quick and easy energy, but don’t last in nourishment, meaning we don’t feel satisfied or full as easily. Whatever our bodies don’t use up in energy ends up getting stored as fat. It’s no wonder our bodies are subject to weight gain on a diet containing a high amount of carbs. But how do you get nutrients and energy without carbs? Using a ketogenic diet, carbs are replaced with high-fat foods which causes the body to go into a natural state of ketosis. In this way, the body runs on ketones for energy rather than carbohydrates.

How I lost 45 lbs on a keto diet

No bread or sweets?! That sounds impossible.

I know, I know. I’m met with a lot of eyebrow raises and pure shock when I tell people that it’s as “simple” as cutting out bread and cookies. But, the truth is, it really is easy if you get a bit creative. There are a lot of low-carb friendly bread recipes, and sugar-free options are plentiful when that sweet-tooth kicks in. I mean, with sugar-free cheesecakes  and pecan pies on the regular, it’s hard to argue that I’m “deprived” in this way of eating!

How long did it take for Keto to work?

I’m not going to sugar coat it; the first week was AWFUL. I’d heard of the “carb flu” associated with a ketogenic diet thanks to my research, but I didn’t realize how real these claims were. I was constantly sweaty nauseous, weak, grumpy and suffered from some pretty crippling headaches.

I was hungry like no other and wanted to snap at anyone who talked to me. It wasn’t pretty.

But, having read all the testimonials that spoke of this happening, I tried with all my might to push through. It helped that I had told everyone around me I was starting this diet, and part of me wanted to continue just to prove the nay-sayers wrong. About 8 days into eating this way, my bad symptoms lifted and I felt a weird sense of energy and clarity I had lacked for quite a while. It was as if I was living in a dimly-lit room for some time and someone finally drew the blinds to help me perk up.

How I lost 45 lbs and many dress sizes on a low carb, high fat diet

Losing a total of 45 lbs on a ketogenic diet, I got to the lowest weight I’ve been since graduating high school. I actually went back home a month ago and was able to fit into my high school dance dresses! The feeling of being able to fit into those dresses all the way left me like an excited child on Christmas morning, zipping up each dress and realizing I had achieved what I thought was impossible, simply by eating a low carb, high fat diet.

losing weight on a low carb diet

Did you work out?

I get this question a lot. While I did work out toward the beginning, it was more for my own cardiovascular health than it was to lose weight. The toning up was just a bonus. I started lifting weights a few times a week, sticking to light weights with several reps. I then began running for a few months as I prepared for two separate 5K runs. Let me add that I am NOT a runner, but I was actually excited at having the energy to train and get up for a race. One of the races I actually ran fasted! I never would think I could say that. It was incredible. I ate an enormous amount of bacon and eggs after.

I haven’t been working out much these past 3 months due to using every excuse in the book, but I really want to get back into it! It is such a great habit for cardiovascular health, and it relieves my stress. Not to mention that I continue to pay a monthly membership! Whoops. Perhaps now that I’ve reached goal weight, THAT will be my fitness goal in 2017.

How about fasting?

The second most-popular question I get when those curious ask me about a Ketogenic diet is if I participate in intermittent fasting. The simple answer is yes, though none of my fasts have lasted more than 16-18 hours. Intermittent fasting describes a dieting pattern in which a person chooses to eat during only a certain time during the day. Studies have shown that this cycling between fasting and eating can help weight loss efforts,  improve metabolic health, and protect against disease.  I typically fast during the weekdays from 10-11 PM to 12:45 PM the next day. On the weekends, I choose to fast from 11 PM to 3 or 4 PM. Some days will be longer or shorter, depending on how hungry I am and what I’m doing that day. Above all else, I always try to listen to my body.

before and after weightloss on a ketogenic diet

Do you count calories? Your macros? Both?

In starting out, I plugged EVERY little thing into MyFitnessPal and stuck to macros of 85% fat, 10% protein and 5% carbs. Better safe than sorry was my mantra, and it helped me learn what foods had hidden carbs snuck into them. After I got in a pretty rhythmic cadence for meals, I stopped counting all macros and focused mainly on how many net carbs I was having per day (net carbs meaning total amount of carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols), sticking to 20 net carbs or less per day. I never worried much about calories, as I stopped eating whenever I felt full and didn’t deprive myself if I was hungry.

Overall, a Ketogenic diet has done wonders for my life. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance on my body and its health, and it feels wonderful to not feel guilty for eating or indulging. My hopes is that this diet does the same for you!

Did I answer all of your questions? Comment below and let me know if you’re curious about anything else; I’m happy to help!

20 thoughts on “My Ketogenic Diet Success Story – How I Lost 45 Pounds Eating Bacon

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by! It took me just under 9 months. I started March 23rd, 2016, and met my goal weight December 3rd, 2016. I continued to lose weight until mid-January, when I entered maintenance mode. Slow and steady is the key for those on a ketogenic diet that don’t have a large amount to lose!

  1. Thanks so much for this!!!! Breaks it down simply and easy to understand. I am a month and a half in with 12 pounds down and 4 inches lost from belly alone!!! Loving this WOE!!!! Keep up the good work xxx

  2. What are the duration & focus of your workouts now? I really struggled with my running when I sent keto. I literally could not do it. My goal isn’t just to lose weight/inches. I want to tone up & build some muscle too. Just curious what your routine looks like.

    1. Hi there, thanks for stopping by! It really depends on how much time and energy I have that day. I will typically run 1.5 miles at some point in my workout, and the rest is dedicated to weight training a different area of my body each day. For instance, one day I may go in and run .5 miles as a warm up, workout my arms with several different weight training exercises, then go run another mile. Some days I may run .2 miles as a warmup. workout my chest and back, then finish the remaining 1.3 miles. Right now I’m not working out that much though I am looking to get back into it, considering I’m paying the monthly gym membership! 😛 Perhaps work your way up with jogging? Or look at a sugar-free pre-workout drink to keep stamina if that’s the issue while running. Hope this helps!

  3. This is so helpful. Started the KetoDiet in feb, lost some weight but my tummy is still no where I desire. What was your daily calorie intake.

        1. Hi Dani, thanks for checking Bacon & Cream out, and for leaving a comment! Yes 900 can seem pretty low, but because I intermittently fast on several days, I often find that my caloric intake ranges widely depending on how hungry I am. There are days where I will eat bacon, eggs, and 90-second bread then not be hungry until I have steak and broccoli later that night, averaging to about 450-500 calories per meal that day. I use MyFitnessPal to roughly track my calorie amounts, though I’m not as concerned with the calorie numbers as I am with my net-carb intake. Mainly, I just eat until I feel satisfied, then wait to eat again once I feel hungry again. I hope this makes sense! 🙂

  4. Your so inspiring! I’ve been doing this for two weeks staying under 20 carbs, walking everyday and I’ve not lost a pound. Is this normal? Or am I doing something wrong😕

  5. Hi! I’m starting on Monday and am curious as to what are your go to recipes or quick snacks on the go? I have about 100 to lose and I’m eager to start! Also I’m not sure how to count my net carbs.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing! Can you give some tips on snacks and foods you ate? What did you eat if you went out to a restaurant? Thanks in advance!

  7. Thank you did sharing your story. Very inspiring. I have about 20 pounds to lose. Started Keto about 3 weeks ago. Lost some weight in the first 1.5 weeks but haven’t made much progress. One thing I did notice recently is that I tend to feel hungrier after dinner than the first 2 weeks, although I am hitting my macros and even a bit more on days I exercise. I am wondering whether I should eat something when I feel hungry? So far I just drink more water if I feel hungry. Thanks

  8. I have a question about what some of your main meals you stuck to and knew what to grocery shop for?! Very inspired by your story! Can I follow you on Instagram!

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